My Story

I am very happy to be sharing Scentsy with you!  I have many memories throughout the years of different smells: Grandma's apple pie, a fresh Christmas tree, hot cinnamon cider, a newborn baby, etc.  I bet you can think of many too. I originally joined the Scentsy family at the urging of my twin sister Sherrill.  I have enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to many years of sharing Scentsy's wonderful products in Iowa and beyond.  I am continuing to expand my Scentsy team so that others can benefit from this wonderful company.   As Scentsy expands its product offerings, like the new Sincerely Scent greeting cards and Layers by Scentsy personal and laundry fragrances, there are so many more opportunities for people who want to manage their own business.  Add to that the new Scentsy company, Velata and you have an even greater opportunity! Please contact me to learn more about this great opportunity to enrich your life.  You will be glad you did.<!--endbody-->